Every day should be Women’s Day

Because you are sweet nectar and deadly poison, for the condensed violence of a single caress can destroy our hearts, race our minds, and melt our limbs.

You make our hearts beat faster, as in a desperate attempt to stop time so we can enjoy the soft touch of your skin at least for one second more, since it’s all we need to be at peace while this life escapes from us with every single look we take at your elusive eyes.

Yes, they say love feels like slowly dying, but have they ever told you how you, and only you, are the judge, the jury and the executioner in this erratic simulation of a mistrial? And don’t you find it humorous that we really don’t care as we lose consciousness, in this euphemistic apoplexy that’s nothing short of a merciful euthanasia?

But I wonder, if you are the ones that give us life, should we complain when you take it away word by word, kiss by kiss, sour goodbye after sour goodbye?

Or should we be thankful to have been able to share, at least once, the mute sound of your words, pink lips biting the air, eroding our souls, consuming our minds, giving us wings just for a moment, and taking them away right on the next.

I prefer to be thankful, if that actually counts for something… but I digress. Let’s proceed with a more generic sample of appropriately raw prose:

You are refuge when we feel lost, energy when we feel weak, motivation when we feel tired, calmness when we feel agitated, laughter when we feel down, resolution when we feel we’re breaking down, patience when we lose our temper, color when all we see are gray shades, and pleasure when all we feel is pain.

Because you are our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, lovers, and wives.

You are permanent inspiration, madness and reason, beginning and end. If this life is a cycle, it’s because you’re there to make it work, to make it whole.

Because we are only empty shells looking for the warmth of our so called "soul mate" in the vast emptiness of the world, trying to become complete and make sense of all the crazy stuff out there, by embracing all the crazy stuff we feel for each other.

I guess it’s funny, but the only way we can enjoy life is giving it to someone else, to someone special. Although, I can’t help but think of a little kid, sucking a lollypop, with his hand dirty and a scratch on his leg, offering you his most precious treasure with a smile on his face. For you it’s probably only rocks, bottle caps and candy wrapper, but for this kid it’s so much more… it’s the memory of a rainy day, the luck of finding something new, his first goal on a muddy soccer match…

Will you accept his treasure? Will you make it yours and watch over it? Will you protect his tiny smile with missing teeth? Will you make him happy? Will you share with him your own treasure, your deepest secrets, and your saddest sorrows?

I was told once by the person I love most that "women are not meant to be understood, only loved" and that’s good enough for me!

She also told me that “paradise is anywhere, as far as you are with the person you love the most”… so yeah, women are also very wise!

And all I have left to say is that you also inspire us to try and write this kind of cheesy stuff when we obviously lack the necessary skills, but we do it with pride, and we take care on choosing the best words to express our feelings, because you simply deserve it!

Yes, this is for you, women, all of you. May you always be in our lives, since otherwise this would be one boring, tasteless, and uninteresting trip to nowhere.

Daniel Rodríguez
March 8th, 2010
Copyright © 2010


~ by Darsel on March 8, 2010.

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