Are you using Wind? Are you a student? How about joining Wind Campus?

Ok, here’s the story: last week I bought a cell phone and a new SIM card from Wind. But a month ago when I was in Milano with some friends I saw one of those “plans for students” in a Wind store, called Wind Campus, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Right now I’m using a plan called Noi Wind Big, which gives you 200 minutes per week to call any Wind user in Italy, paying a weekly fee of 2 €.

The plan Wind Campus offers 1000 minutes and 1000 SMS per month, to call only other Wind Campus users, with a fee of only 5 € per month. Also, you get 6 free months of Mega Ore, an Internet plan that gives you 50 hours of internet per month, which normally costs 9 €.

So, Wind Campus sounds pretty good, if we can get all of our close friends to use it! (or at least the people we call most of the time)

Ok, most of you will be thinking “What’s the catch?”, and the only one that I’ve found is related to the Mega Ore plan: you have 50 hours of internet per month, you can download any amount of information (it’s measured by the time, not by the KB), but it’s composed of 15 minute periods. This means that if you connect for 2 minutes, disconnect, and then connect again for another 2 minutes and disconnect, you have actually spent 30 minutes (2 packages of 15 minutes) instead of 4 minutes. But I guess it’s not such a big deal if you consider that you’re getting 6 free months of Internet that you can use with Skype, Messenger or any kind of download.

When the six free months of Internet are over, you will have to start paying 9 € a month for the service, but you can cancel it without having to cancel the Wind Campus plan, and that sounds good enough for me!

Also remember that to activate this plan you have to pay 7 € (unless you’re buying a new SIM card and activating the plan for that SIM card at the same time), and you have to show some sort of ID indicating that you are a student (the matriculation document from Polimi is good enough apparently). You can also activate it by phone, but I don’t know how you’re supposed to prove that you’re a student in that case.

All we have to do now is to get our friends to join the plan, and start enjoying the free Internet! Yay! \(^o^)/

P.S. I asked an interesting question too: What happens if you are using a plan (like Wind Campus or Noi Wind Big) and you don’t have credit at the end of the week or month? ANSWER: The system will still charge you even if you don’t have credit, so that when you actually recharge it, it will automatically charge you the rest of the money you “owed” Wind. So, for example, if you decide to leave Italy for a couple of weeks, you will still be charged for the plan during that time, even if you don’t have credit and even if you don’t use the minutes. If you don’t want this to happen, you have to cancel your plan, but remember that you’ll have to pay 7 € to reactivate it once you’re back. If you need more info, you can ask at any Wind Service Store.


~ by Darsel on November 25, 2009.

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