What does “idoneo” mean for the Polimi DSU applicants?

Ok, so yesterday I went to Milano to ask the guys from the DSU office “what does the idoneo state mean in the DSU results?”, and I thought I would write everything down here for those who have the same doubt I had:

  1. Idoneo means that you are not between the selected applicants that get a scholarship (assegnatarios). But…
  2. As idoneo, you “might” get some money next year, between June and July (that’s when the office gets more money for scholarships), but it’s not guaranteed!
  3. For “American” applicants (including south and center America) there is going to be a special analysis, apparently because our bachelor degree is based on a 5 year time lapse (or something like that, ‘cause I couldn’t understand the guy). What’s for sure is that if your previous degree is only a bachelor degree, and I quote, “that’s not good!”.
  4. As an Idoneo student, you will have access to the “Mensa Card” (the card you can get from the Welcome Desk that will allow you to buy food with a discount in some restaurants). The money in that card comes from the same amount that you might get next year. So, what happens if you don’t get the scholarship next June? You’ll have to pay back all the money you spent from the card!
  5. What happens if you don’t spend any money from the card, but do get the scholarship just out of sheer luck? That money is not reimbursable, if you don’t use it, it’s lost. But if you use it and don’t get the scholarship, well… yeah, check the previous point.

So that’s it! Basically, we are pretty much screwed! The guy told me that they’re having a meeting to decide about the criteria for choosing which students are going to get the money and which students won’t (this part is related to point 3). But that meeting won’t be happening until December (at least), and the “mensa card” will start working on December 1th. So right now the advice the guy gave me was “don’t use your mensa card until the decision on who gets the scholarship is finally made”.

Of course, I got this information from someone with a basic knowledge of English, and I can’t assure you that everything I wrote down is 100% truth (also, the guy wasn’t really sure about how the decision on who gets the money was going to be made, for example). So if you choose to, you can go to Milano and ask the question yourself, and hopefully you’ll be willing to share that information with everyone else too (please?). But so far, I think I understood the way the guy looked at me and said “not good” and “not for sure”, with a face of “You’re out of luck, dude”…

Well, the guy told me that I can send him an email (and hopefully this time they will actually answer it) on December, to see if the decision is coming along or not. So let’s hope we get lucky and get some money to pay for the residence, at least.

Finally, just in case, if you’re an “assegnatario”, well, you don’t have to worry about anything, you’ll get your money pretty soon, as far as you have your data updated in the system (like bank account data, for example). And also, you’re one lucky bastard and I envy you! XD

P.S. Does anyone know about a good partial time job about anything related to computers? I really could use a job right now… ^_^;

Ja ne! Errr… I mean, ciao!


~ by Darsel on November 21, 2009.

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